Auto-moto école Smart L reviews and experiences

Date: 13.02.2020

Mr. Caillat is a very good instructor. Very professional, serious, competitive, always listening and in a good mood with great patience ? Thanks again and I recommend this driving school to everyone, without hesitation! Liliana

Date: 20.12.2019

Very good instructor, very friendly, attentive and very professional. Takes care and time to explain well and shows great involvement. I really enjoyed going to school with him!

Date: 29.11.2019

Yvan is a very good instructor, he is very friendly, explains well and does a debriefing at the end of each course which helps to identify areas for improvement. I strongly recommend it!!!!!

Date: 17.10.2019

Reviews from Joao Sousa

Very good experience with Yvan, kind, welcoming, I learned a lot with him, he takes the time to make things clear.

Date: 13.10.2019

Yvan is an excellent instructor! He is very professional and at the same time very nice and kind!

Date: 13.10.2019

Excellent teacher, really very professional, a huge knowledge of the subjects. Beyond that, someone extremely friendly with whom you really enjoy your lessons!

Date: 11.10.2019

Note 6 of 6 I have had many instructors in my life but Yvan is in my top 2 best instructors. It has a very pronounced human (pedagogical) side. In addition it is funny while being precise and rigorous. I can only recommend it. Really. Nadine Massamba

Date: 09.10.2019

Yvan is a very pleasant instructor, very attentive, who is also very clear in his explanations. An instructor with a lot of humour who knows how to be serious when he needs to be.

Date: 14.09.2019

Pro available very educationalist never late I advise him without any problem

Date: 31.08.2019

Reviews from Lauranie Kneuss

Yvan is a cheerful and very attentive instructor. The classes were very interesting and I had a lot of fun! I recommend it with my eyes closed!

Date: 28.08.2019

Serious, courteous, fun instructor. It was a pleasure to learn with you from start to finish.

Date: 21.08.2019

A top instructor, patient, always smiling and attentive. The training is very well structured, complete, you feel comfortable and reassured right away. It was a pleasure to learn to drive with you Yvan, thank you again for everything!

Date: 10.08.2019

Reviews from Thomas Erbrich

Very calm and competent instructor who takes the time to make us apply what he teaches us. I recommend it to everyone!

Date: 09.08.2019

Yvan is a great instructor! His training is really incredible and very well structured. He is always in a good mood and has a lot of patience. He does not rush things and is very attentive to the student. He improves us at all stages of the training in order to reach the top practical exam!

Date: 04.08.2019

Yvan is a great instructor, he puts us under the bed and is very nice. He has an approach to the subject of the road that is for me the best that I have ever loved doing my lessons with him and especially I have learned a lot.

Date: 28.07.2019

Yvan is an excellent instructor, friendly, friendly, super patient and always attentive to his students. He gives very good advice, does good exercises and gives confidence to the students. Thank you for very useful and fun practice hours.

Date: 22.07.2019

Yvan is an excellent instructor. Always listening to his students, aware of the different abilities of each other and quick to advise without judging. Yvan advises, reassures and teaches us something during each session. I followed his "12 hours" modules for motorcycle licence and I can only advise him to future participants in the competition. Thank you Yvan, I will come back to you for the preparation for the practical exam. See you soon then....

Date: 30.06.2019

Yvan is a great instructor who managed to put me at ease from the first class. He is patient, listening to the student about any concerns, problems or questions and adds a touch of humour that makes you want to learn and follow the lessons. They are really well structured and the explanations are clear. It is largely thanks to Yvan that I passed my driving test the first time. He always supported me and helped me to overcome my fear on exam day. I recommend the courses at Yvan to anyone who wants to have a complete driving training and the best chances to get a driving license!

Date: 10.06.2019

Reviews from Salvatore Tillona

Professional & Pedagogue

Date: 27.05.2019

Excellent instructor who helps a lot to understand our strengths and weaknesses. A very good learning experience, despite the stress of driving ;-)

Date: 25.05.2019

I was very happy to follow Yvan's motobike course and that's why: - high level of expertise and self-organization - gives you a lot tips and tricks - security of the clients is the priority - very friendly and patient

Date: 22.05.2019

Very good instructor, patient, attentive to his students, he gives very good advice. He also helped me with stress management just before the exam, confidence building is also one of his assets. I recommend 100%.

Date: 05.05.2019

What more can I say? All these complimentary comments speak for themselves. Yvan is an excellent instructor, with a pedagogical and human approach. Friendly, attentive, remarkably calm and patient, he helped me a lot in managing stress at the wheel. I have a hearing loss and he also adapted his advice to my situation. A progressive and well-crafted learning process: the objective of the day is announced at the beginning of each course and feedback - always very relevant - is given at the end, allowing you to take stock of your progress while giving you room for improvement. I therefore strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to drive safely, calmly and in a good mood. And for people who are particularly sensitive and subject to stress: this is the right monitor for you!

Date: 18.04.2019

Yvan is an instructor who quickly puts you at ease, with a very good pedagogical approach. By listening to the student, he manages to give us the confidence that we lack as student drivers to become future autonomous drivers. Personally, I had a lot of fun driving in his presence. I felt reassured, listened to, safe. Very patient, he always explains in a calm atmosphere and gives very good advice for later. Don't leave anything to chance.

Date: 16.04.2019

Very good instructor! Teacher, serious, patient and passionate about his job..... His realistic and cool approach has been very effective with me in restoring my confidence as a driver. I highly recommend it!

Date: 06.03.2019

Reviews from Stephanie Meylan

Very good instructor, always listening. The training went very well from start to finish.

Date: 06.03.2019

Yvan is an excellent instructor. Calm, patient, always listening, I recommend him without the slightest hesitation! All his advice is valuable, he always takes the time to give feedback after each class and gives a lot of time and attention to his students. I had a lot of fun learning to drive with him!

Date: 20.02.2019

Yvan Caillat is a true pedagogue. Patient, calm, professional, always in a good mood and attentive, he never raised his voice when my driving was dangerous to other road users. He knows how to adapt to the personality of the client in order to put him at ease in order to better convey his clear and precise teaching. At the end of each lesson, Yvan takes the time necessary to comment on the weak and strong points of the client's conduct, to answer questions and give practical advice for progress. It is then up to the customer to listen and put his advice into practice! Exam passed the first time. I strongly recommend Yvan Caillat as a driving instructor.

Date: 17.12.2018

It was a very pleasant class, Yvan makes 100% comfortable.

Date: 12.11.2018

Reviews from Justy Bro

Very good teacher, personal and professional advice!

Date: 08.11.2018

Yvan is a very friendly and professional instructor, he explains very well and gives you a debriefing at the end of the course which is practical to practice on some points during the accompanied driving. Thanks to him I passed the exam the first time.

Date: 04.11.2018

Reviews from Alyssa Scheg

Excellent teacher. I really enjoyed learning to drive with him. I would like to thank him again very much for his high quality teaching. Yvan is passionate about what he does and you can feel it!

Date: 30.09.2018

Yvan was a first class instructor - level explanation of the rules, exercises, atmosphere, adapting the courses according to the different levels... and he had a lot of fun teaching

Date: 30.09.2018

Thank you Yvan for being so patient and listening thanks to your course I was able to understand some driving techniques and correct bad habits.

Date: 29.09.2018

Just great! Just great! Yvan is a calm and patient motorcycle instructor. He is happy to share his knowledge and, he loves his job. I learned a lot from him - while feeling perfectly safe. I highly recommend it! Thank you yvan

Date: 28.09.2018

Very good organization, clear explanation, pleasant instructor

Date: 27.09.2018

very good teacher, great pedagogue! I called Yvan Caillat after 2 failed exams and he helped me a lot step by step, debriefing after each class, I finally understood the TAB, the speed of approaching obstacles, the highway, safe driving and serene what! Thank you so much for your patience and kindness!

Date: 24.09.2018

After a few failed exams and not always successful experiences with instructors abroad, I finally managed to pass the driving test in the canton of Vaud. This is thanks to my meeting with Yvan who had the patience, methodology and professionalism necessary to accompany me. Yvan gave me confidence, showed me stress management techniques during the exam. Thanks to these clear explanations, he taught me to drive safely and confidently on all types of roads (mountains, highways, narrow village roads, etc.). Yvan is an instructor who does his job very well and with a lot of passion and I strongly advise him.

Date: 23.09.2018

Excellent course, excellent instructor, very complete, precise and technical information presented in a fun enough way to be easily assimilated. Nothing is sloppy, each exercise is meticulously explained and then supervised, yvan showing great patience and a good mood at all times. I strongly recommend this irreproachable professional to any novice with difficulties in approaching and mastering the world of motorcycle riding, and even, why not, to experienced motorcyclists, who may well discover that they still have to learn about their favorite horse.

Date: 14.08.2018

Yvan's classes are really very interesting and enriching, all in a very relaxed atmosphere! He was able to highlight my positioning errors on the bike and he was able to easily correct bad habits on the bike and in traffic. I recommend it 100% to everyone around me!

Date: 09.08.2018

A simply brilliant teacher. Absolutely no regrets about choosing him. I had a lot of gaps for the technical course of the bike. He quickly saw what I was doing wrong and gave me the right advice that allowed me to get my motorcycle licence the first time. In addition, he has succeeded in giving me confidence and teaching me to feel completely safe. Riding a motorcycle has become a real pleasure thanks to him.

Date: 07.08.2018

I had a lot of fun during these driving lessons, very motivating and encouraging. Super nice instructor and always the chewing gum at hand! The driving hours were always very pleasant, professional and fun!

Date: 06.08.2018

I really enjoyed the driving lessons and the instructor was very nice. I was able to learn everything I needed to know to drive safely. The explanations were really good.

Date: 09.07.2018

3 blocks of 4 hours each, made in reduced numbers. Very clear in his explanations, nice and attentive. I recommend that you keep your eyes closed!

Date: 23.06.2018

I did the 6 hours required for the motorcycle license. Very good instructor, attentive and precise in his advice. I have gained confidence and security. I will use Smart L for exam preparation. I recommend that you keep your eyes closed.

Date: 12.06.2018

I would like to thank Yvan for these hours of lessons; throughout my apprenticeship he was able to answer my many questions, always in a very clear and precise way. The classes are always very pleasant, and you always feel that calm in the car, even in sometimes stressful situations. In addition, it is always nice to have a little discussion at the end of the course, whether it is to talk about driving, or lots of other things. In short, my experience has been very positive and I fully recommend the Smart-L driving school!

Date: 28.05.2018

Excellent learning, the courses are very professional and well prepared; the explanations are clear and relevant to progress well. I highly recommend it!!

Date: 26.05.2018

Excellent instructor! Yvan is a great guy, who knows how to put everyone at ease! He is clear, friendly and attentive. He also knows how to give precise and informed advice, always with the aim of improving himself. I recommend it 100% both in terms of people and skills, it is Tip Top!

Date: 08.04.2018

Yvan is an experienced teacher, clear, honest, calm and knows how to adapt the level of the course according the students level. Make you feel safe. Fully recommended

Date: 15.03.2018

Before my first class I was rather stressed about driving for the first time. Yvan immediately put me at ease by his professionalism on the one hand but also by his sympathy and his very jovial way of being. The fact that communication is easy has allowed me to start this new experience in everything is denied. Its learning process is in my opinion the best thanks to a follow-up of progress as well as a listening and advancement without haste. Beyond the teacher, he is a trustworthy person who is always at our disposal for questions, even outside the classroom. I had a lot of fun taking his classes and would gladly repeat the experience if it had to be done again.

Date: 14.12.2017

In other words: a well-structured program, objectives, debriefing, small diagrams or even better, small drawings on the notebook if you have not understood a situation on the road, chewing gum and laughter all along. Pedagogical, professional and encouraging, Yvan immediately puts you at ease and shows calm, patience and eternal good humour. Always a big smile on your face or a word of encouragement on your mouth! In any case, you feel safe on the road, you learn well, progress quickly and you take the exam very well prepared. Yvan builds the courses on objectives and knows how to adapt them to the students according to the feelings and exchanges during the lesson or at the end of the lesson. I had a lot of fun driving with Yvan, his laughter and humour take the stress out of the first class or exam day and make each class fun. Thank you very much for making me enjoy driving and making this training so enjoyable! I highly recommend it: D

Date: 14.12.2017

Friendly instructor and wise advice, about ten courses with Smart L allowed me to get my license the first time.

Date: 24.11.2017

Yvan was my instructor for almost a year and a half and during that time he showed himself to be a true professional! Without it, I might have had much less energy and motivation to go through with it. Very calm, very zen and very patient, smiling and always in a good mood! These classes were a real pleasure. He is therefore very flexible, always attentive and a very good company? I highly recommend it if you want to learn how to drive safely and in good humour!

Date: 12.11.2017

Reviews from Chriss Barrozo

super motorcycle course... very professional and very professional instructor who explains well... he is calm and patient... takes the time and teaches me great tricks that will stay with me for the future and allow me to be more confident and safe on the road

Date: 03.11.2017

Mr. Caillat was my instructor for driving a manual car. Not being very young anymore, I was afraid to be on the road with a car. Mr. Caillat has given me confidence. His calm, especially his patience and respect for the student helped me a lot. I appreciated his pedagogy and his skills in transmitting a good way of driving. With these few words, I would like to express my gratitude to him and recommend him to all people.

Date: 30.10.2017

Reviews from Sara Alves

Probably the best teacher on the coast.

Date: 29.10.2017

With Yvan, I followed the 125 cm3 motorcycle course module composed of 2 x 4 hours. Yvan is a very good teacher, patient, and passionate about motorcycling. I never thought I would have learned so many techniques and approaches to driving and braking, and this course has brought me a lot, both in terms of confidence in driving and the different dangers facing bikers/cooters.

Date: 09.10.2017

Reviews from Izabella Nerushay

I was very pleased to take the preparation courses for the practical test on a manual car. Thanks to Yvan's professionalism, patience and motivation, I obtained my license with confidence and now drive my family and friends with ease and safety. I just spent a stay in Scotland where I drove a manual car on the other side of the road and it went really well! I'm not afraid of anything after the winding roads of Cossonay! Ivan's teaching has been rich at both the practical and theoretical level and has given me an extremely solid foundation on which to evolve on a daily basis. I now know that I can deal with any kind of situation. I thank Yvan for sharing with me his passion for good conduct!

Date: 09.10.2017

Very educational, smiling, a fan of his profession, attractive course. A very nice day and I highly recommend Smart L

Date: 08.10.2017

Reviews from Dimitri Ganevat

Excellent pedagogy and a great atmosphere. I learned a lot in perfect safety. Thank you ;-)

Date: 08.10.2017

Reviews from Seren Savasan

Yvan is great! Teacher, patient and very kind. Everything is well explained, he explains how to do things but especially why! He is accommodating in case of problems. I really recommend it. Thank you for the 12 hours of class. Seren

Date: 03.10.2017

Monitor constantly in a good mood. Always open to discussion and criticism. Can transmit his/her knowledge in a very natural way, which greatly facilitates learning.

Date: 14.09.2017

I started learning to drive with Instructor Sergeant Hartman from the Waldensian driving instructors. Instructor Sergeant Hartman, the Marine Instructor, is the one who appeared at the beginning of the movie Full Metal Jacket. He taught me a lot of things like fear, stress or loss of self-confidence. I quickly stopped taking classes with Sergeant Hartman. I contacted Yvan via the internet and he taught me to drive like I never imagined I would have learned to drive. Yvan is not a driving instructor, he is the Jedi Master of Driving. Passionate about his work and completely involved in the learning of his students, he taught me to love driving, to drive safely, stress-free and fluidly. He is Zen, patient, precise, fine teacher, generous, respectful, unparalleledly professional and endowed with a contagious sense of humour. I will remember for a long time the laughter and good humour in the car on the way to the exam despite the stress that was coming up. Speaking of the exam, I had asked Yvan to tell me when he would feel ready to register. ?I passed it the first time. The clutch pedal is not released, it is relieved. The TAB in the field of vision, the automated RTI, both hands on the wheel, stress-free, focused, confident, looking where you want to go... I can only recommend it. Thank you Yvan! Gilles

Date: 11.09.2017

I took a mandatory 6-hour course (for an unlimited A motorcycle student permit). This was my first course and I learned a lot and especially gained confidence thanks to Yvan's advice and reassuring character. Thank you and see you soon for an exam preparation course!

Date: 03.09.2017

a very good approach with methods, explanations and dynamic and didactic practical exercises...

Date: 29.08.2017

Reviews from Ioana Murariu

I had a lot of fun driving with Yvan! Very good teacher, listening and very interesting lessons!

Date: 26.08.2017

I would like to thank Yvan for all the good times I spent with him while driving. He is a superb instructor because he never gets angry, he is calm and patient and at the same time when he has to intervene he does it correctly. I enjoyed learning to drive with him because each class was a discovery on the road and on his superb car with lots of options that I would never have in my hahah car. I would also like to say that I passed my first cous licence and that my driving practice was mostly with him. Finally, Yvan although he is a very good instructor, he is a person you really need to discover because he is very funny and we can have very good discussions with him and he will take time to answer our questions and explain things to us. Celia Graber

Date: 24.08.2017

Reviews from Eduardo Flores

Thank you Yvan very professional and a person that there is time to explain super thank you very much

Date: 08.08.2017

Reviews from Mélanie Buchs

Great preparation course for my motorcycle road test. Clear explanations, revision of all RTI & TAB databases. Good atmosphere. At the top. I leave with everything I needed to reassure myself and feel ready.)

Date: 30.07.2017

I had a lot of fun following the 12 hours of motorcycle lessons, Yvan is professional, competent, he explains again if we did not understand well and if necessary made a practical demonstration with the bike, I also liked the seriousness of his explanations, and the very friendly atmosphere that he creates in his classes... I warmly recommend it to anyone wanting to do the motorcycle license with the assurance of a real progress.

Date: 24.07.2017

Reviews from Tomas Bettoni

Excellent instructor, organised and clear.

Date: 19.07.2017

Reviews from Stefano Strignano

Organized, passionate, clear, Yvan is a great instructor. Always in a good mood, he knows how to take the time to correct and explain. I highly recommend it.

Date: 15.07.2017

Very good instructor, pleasant, kind and explains very well. I felt a real progression when I attended his classes.

Date: 30.06.2017

A great monitor! Thanks to him I have made a lot of progress. I recommend it without hesitation.

Date: 29.06.2017

Professional with a sense of humour, always smiling and in a good mood. Pointitious and clear explanations. Pleasant courses. It was a pleasure. Thank you Yvan

Date: 25.06.2017

Very professional and educational

Date: 22.06.2017

Excellent instructor, serious, very accurate in his analyses, advice. He has an excellent interpersonal skills and a real passion for his job. Thanks to him, I understood the importance of the reflective vest, for example, which I never forget in grey weather. Thank you yvan, very nice preparation for the permit

Date: 16.06.2017

Yvan is an excellent instructor. Very professional, he is very patient, very attentive and very friendly. Thanks to him, I was able to reconcile myself with driving in a very short time. Today I feel confident in my conduct. I had a lot of fun learning from him. I highly recommend it. Thanks again Yvan

Date: 14.06.2017

Thanks to his pedagogy and his well-structured teaching, Yvan has been able to reconcile me with learning to drive a car. Indeed, after two failures and having to start the whole process all over again, I was demotivated and insecure. He has been able to restore my confidence thanks to his calm and has helped me to progress well through an excellent transmission of his knowledge. I highly recommend it, I have been well trained and I now drive with complete peace of mind thanks to its quality learning. Moreover, although always punctual, he takes the time to give his lecture, exceeding the expected timing with humour and while remaining friendly. Thank you Yvan, I couldn't have dreamed better!

Date: 29.05.2017

Excellent instructor, very involved in his teaching, calm, patient, and attentive. Yvan is a warm and friendly person and I recommend this driving professional to all those who want a quality training. Let yourself be guided by the sound of his path and listen carefully to the teaching he gives. He is a master. Once again I recommend this instructor who has done an excellent job with me, guiding me to success. Thank you.

Date: 12.05.2017

In a word: excellent! Very professional with clear and structured lessons, very good explanations and hazard prevention. Objectives defined at the beginning of the lesson and feedback at the end of each lesson on the points acquired and to be improved. Choice of technical and very varied routes allowing an optimal preparation for the driving test! He has a great facility to put the student in confidence and gives us all the keys to become good drivers. He knows how to make learning to drive a real pleasure! And the icing on the cake: very nice and humorous. Nothing to complain about!

Date: 08.05.2017

Reviews from Julien Mayor

Beautiful courses and very professional!

Date: 13.04.2017

Yvan is a very nice gentleman and he knows precisely how to teach and what to teach. I don't speak french very well but we manage to communicate well because he is always so patient! I will strongly recommend him as an instructor

Date: 11.04.2017

I found this course interesting, useful and dynamic despite the fact that I did it alone with the instructor. I find that the instructor manages to make the theoretical aspects interesting and succeeds in making us aware of the different dangers of two wheels. After this course, I feel reassured and confident on my scooter. I have a good experience of it. Thank you! Thank you!

Date: 31.03.2017

Today I took one of my colleagues home and when I arrived he said to me, "What was the name of your driving instructor? I wish my daughter would drive as well as you do." I don't think I could have dreamt of a better compliment! It has been 6 months since I passed my driving test after a good 20 hours of driving with Yvan. He has been able to make me feel confident even in stressful situations and with hindsight I can say that he has taught me a lot of very good reflexes. Today I feel safe and secure on the road, I enjoy driving and even enjoy applying his economical, ecological and fluid driving tips as much as possible. Thank you Yvan!

Date: 29.03.2017

Great monitor!

Date: 18.03.2017

Yvan is a very serious professional with a fine pedagogue. His welcome is warm. His explanations are clear, his analyses precise and his advice very judicious. I highly recommend his skills.

Date: 10.03.2017

Best school in the canton of Vaud!

Date: 02.03.2017

A very good instructor, and a very nice bonus!

Date: 23.02.2017

Yvan is organized, structured in these courses and punctual. We notice that he wants to transmit his knowledge in an effective way. He is a patient person who never gets angry, who explains very clearly how to improve driving and above all who manages to put people at ease. He loves his job and does it very well. I recommend

Date: 22.02.2017

Yvan is very patient, he explains very well and he never gets angry. He is a super professional instructor with a good work ethic and a contagious good mood!

Date: 23.01.2017

I have taken several driving lessons with Yvan, he is a serious and relaxed instructor. He knows how to make his students feel comfortable in order to learn as well as possible. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 21.01.2017


Date: 06.12.2016

Great instructor, very invested! I have never had much affinity with the car world, yet I really enjoyed getting my license and taking lessons with it. Yvan is very calm and patient, even in the most stressful situations. He gives a small feedback at the end of each course, which makes it easy to know what to focus on between now and the next lesson. Relaxed atmosphere before the exam, which is pleasant! I highly recommend it

Date: 20.11.2016

great course

Date: 07.11.2016

Reviews from Stephane Pasche

Excellent instructor for both basic motorcycle courses and personalized preparation. Yvan is very committed to his teaching profession and knows how to adapt to even unexpected situations by using them as training tools.

Date: 02.11.2016

Very good instructor. Gives good advice and and very pleasant.

Date: 17.10.2016

Great course, from someone who combines pedagogical quality and perfect mastery of motorcycle technique! To be recommended without reservation for his patience and advice.

Date: 29.09.2016

Impeccable, clear explanations and relevant remarks. Very invested in his classes, I really felt that he cared about my success. Motorcycle licence passed the first time:)

Date: 13.09.2016

THANK Yvan. Instructor that I warmly recommend. At the first meeting in a row a warm and especially professional welcome. Some impressions: organized - passionate - clear - precise - motivating - patient. Yvan is a calm and smiling person, his theories as well as his driving lessons are in total confidence. No risk taking. Always intelligent suggestions to improve our comfort and safety for all. Takes the time to adapt equally to our personality and respects each of his students. If you want a precise teacher, patient, attentive, always in a good mood, Mr Yvan Caillat is THE trustworthy person. Have a good trip for all

Date: 12.09.2016

Reviews from Loris Ramseyer

Top !

Date: 14.08.2016

Organized, passionate, clear, Yvan is a great instructor. Never any trouble during his classes, always in a good mood, he knows how to take the time to correct and explain in a very pedagogical way! I highly recommend it to all student drivers!

Date: 11.08.2016

Available, accommodating, passionate, Yvan is an instructor who makes you feel comfortable from the first contact. He finds the little trick that will improve your daily life on the road, he explains the reason for the how with clear and precise examples. Very good exchange and a great day spent with him!

Date: 07.08.2016

Yvan is an outstanding educator, with unlimited patience and a rare kindness that will inevitably lead you to success as for me! He's a great monitor! He made me love driving (me who had never driven before and who was very apprehensive) by teaching me at my own pace. Having tested other instructors in Nyon, I can say that he is probably the best!

Date: 07.08.2016

Yvan is a very good instructor, very professional, good teacher. Gives us very good advice. Not disappointed to have had to work 8 hours because it brought me many new methods and techniques and especially the awareness of what it is to drive on 2 wheels. I recommend it to everyone! Thank you Yvan

Date: 20.07.2016

Reviews from Véro Kohlo

A very good motorcycle teacher with a lot of patience who explains very clearly the important points and knows how to transmit the passion for riding. I had a lot of fun learning with him thanks to Yvan.

Date: 19.06.2016

Reviews from Julien Mayor

Very good instructor with a great experience of motorcycling. The proposed exercises, as well as his explanations, give you direct confidence.

Date: 07.06.2016

Very good instructor with great experience of biker. I have taken some lessons for the preparation for the motorcycle test and can only recommend it.

Date: 29.05.2016

I had the pleasure of doing some driving lessons with Mr. Caillat and getting my car license the first time! Very satisfied with the courses, with good examples and good (exam) scenarios. Welcoming and friendly instructor, I recommend.

Date: 10.05.2016

Having missed my license for the first time with another instructor, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have another instructor's opinion. And I found Yvan Caillat on the Internet. We did 2 classes together and I just passed my driving test! Yvan knew what I needed to improve and train. He is a very competent instructor.

Date: 04.05.2016

Reviews from David Rohner

Thanks to Yvan I really feel confident at the big cube motorcycle exam he saw at first glance what I could improve. Not to spoil anything, the human contact is very warm.

Date: 03.05.2016

Reviews from Avni Bytyçi

I assign a score of 6 to the Smart L driving school, which provides quality courses that allow student drivers to progress. I got the permit with the courses I received from them. Success guaranteed!

Date: 24.04.2016

Very good instructor, pragmatic, giving very useful advice both in traffic and for motorcycle maneuvers, very good preparation for the exam, I can only recommend it!

Date: 21.04.2016

Punctual, friendly and competent, Yvan fully met my expectations.

Date: 12.04.2016

Yvan is a very nice and attentive teacher. He made me progress quickly and made me feel confident on the road. He makes you feel comfortable and always takes stock of things to improve or things you have already learned. I will recommend it to anyone who really wants to learn to drive with a highly committed and available instructor.

Date: 31.03.2016

Reviews from Esin EA

With Yvan, lessons are structured and planned. At the beginning of each lesson he says a goal to be achieved and at the end of each lesson debriefing session, summarizes the achievements and points for improvement. He is very competent in his profession, he gives enormous confidence with his explanation techniques, he is very strong in pedagogical and human terms. He wants to teach the logic of clearly leading to life and to make it better understood he tries to respond as much as possible with passion. I advise with the eyes close without hesitation Smart L, Yvan Caillat. Obviously, he does his job with love, correct and honest. He's a very classy person. This morning I passed my driving test well, I really learned to drive properly. I was very happy to meet Yvan and I am very happy to have a correct instructor. Thank you Yvan. (ESIN)

Date: 01.02.2016

Great! Great! The teacher is structured, invested in the success of our license and listens. It makes us understand how a car works and is very interesting. Available and answers our questions at any time. Moreover, Yvan Caillat is very professional and it is always a pleasure to have an hour of driving school with him! His only goal is to teach us to drive perfectly, thanks to him I passed my driving test quickly and I love driving. I can only recommend it!!!!! Melissa

Date: 10.12.2015

Having gone through several instructors who did not satisfy me, I found Mr. yuan caillat on the net, being in a hurry my provisional license ending mid December and remaining me 1 month, he found me courses quickly made and my immediately put allaise, it is a very competent instructor, listening, open who puts you in confidence, frankly I advise you. Thanks to him

Date: 01.12.2015

Yvan restores the value and importance of the instructor's profession in the driving learning process. Through his structured teaching and a pleasant working atmosphere, Yvan trains his students to drive for life! The strong points of his teaching: 1. Lessons are structured and planned. An update at the beginning of each session allows you to report on your difficulties and the skills you need to work. This summary allows you to have clear objectives and a goal to achieve at the beginning of each lesson. 2. A debriefing session at the end of each lesson summarizes the lessons learned and points for improvement. His analyses are relevant and he appreciates your progress. 3. Yvan makes himself available to discuss your questions. No question is stupid. It is with a lot of pedagogy that he takes time to lift the veil on your doubts and uncertainties. His explanations are clear and illustrated. 4. Throughout the learning process, Yvan makes you aware of your act of driving. As the lessons progress, you gradually become able to criticize and make objective judgments about your own conduct. It makes you realize that you are the main actor in the process of acquiring skills. 5. What is very valuable during the lessons with Yvan is to realize that the theory is not just a series of unfounded rules. During the lesson, the rules are put into context and explained. Yvan's respect, pedagogical and human qualities make it possible to learn with serenity! Thank you Yvan

Date: 29.11.2015

Yvan is an excellent teacher - he signs in a very calm and confident way. Makes driving easy by giving the right tools with diagrams, simple and precise explanations. A teacher who helps eliminate the fear of driving and adapts lessons to students' needs and state of mind.

Date: 11.11.2015

I strongly advise you Yvan for driving. Patient, funny, very competent and much more:) in any case it was really nice to learn with him and very constructive. Go ahead, it's worth it.

Date: 09.11.2015

Yvan is an excellent instructor. He is very concerned about your success without wanting to drag out your learning. He adapts his pedagogy according to your difficulties and apprehensions in order to better overcome them. He does his job with passion, in a very conscientious way, and all this in a calm and good mood.

Date: 30.09.2015

Yvan is an excellent instructor, he's got it in his blood. Not only is he patient, but he always finds the appropriate memo-technical means for drivers to be able to remember the key elements of learning. I had the opportunity to use several different instructors and it was with him that I felt most comfortable and progressed the most. I am now almost ready to take the motorcycle licence. Thanks again Yvan :)

Date: 29.09.2015

Excellent teacher, he trained me for motorcycling and I loved it. Thank you.

Date: 25.08.2015

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Yves, he explains very well and until we understand. It provides us with the necessary documentation to progress, thanks to it I passed my license quickly! I strongly recommend it!!!!!

Date: 05.08.2015

Yvan Caillat is a great driving instructor. He is very patient and takes his time to explain everything you need to know. He answers your messages/emails very quickly and adapts to your needs. Thanks to his work, I passed the exam the first time.

Date: 27.06.2015

Good learning method, friendly teacher and successful exam on the first try.

Date: 09.02.2015

Yvan caillat is a person with a huge fair patience, he explains things very calmly by giving you concrete examples, and does not hesitate to make you laugh in the most stressful moments you will meet in your driving, all while keeping your objective on the road, which leads to spend a really nice course. He also asks you questions so that you can better understand your small mistakes, but is also present to take the time to listen to yours. He encourages you and congratulates you on every lesson and does not denigrate you at all when it happens to a male. He will gladly arrange your schedules for the dates and times of the appointments that suit you. He comes and takes you to various different places which allows you to see lots of circuits and thwart the small daily difficulties of the road. At the end of the course He also gives you documentation so that you understand and apply what you have learned during your training day, and also gives you a small blue notebook to note all your progress and difficulties encountered which allows you to discuss them from one week to the next and progress even more quickly. I advise you it is great:)

Date: 15.01.2015

Mr. Caillat is patient, calm, respectful, explains the rules by giving concrete examples. He also asks you questions to make it interactive, encourages you and congratulates you on every step forward. He will be happy to arrange with you for the dates and times of the appointments. It takes you to several different places to put everything you have learned into practice. It gives you documentation so that you understand certain laws of physics, for example. I don't think there's a better instructor than him.

Date: 13.01.2015

Very professional, friendly and friendly. I was able to get my license very quickly.

Date: 12.01.2015

Excellent driving instructor, who has adapted his teaching methods to my shortcomings. I was able to see for myself how far I've come with each course. In addition, Yvan Caillat is a very friendly instructor, which makes the lessons pleasant.

Date: 08.01.2015

I found the instructor Yvan Caillat's instruction perfectly adapted to my needs. He is a person who is in easy contact with people, he always keeps a smile and a cool head. The mistakes made are stated without panicking the student, and are corrected as quickly as possible, the positive points are always stated. The memo-technical methods and other theory explained in addition were really a plus. I really learned new things and now I have my driver's license (car) thanks to his lessons.

Date: 08.01.2015

Very good instructor who explains things clearly and calmly. Always in a good mood and the driving hours take place in a very good atmosphere that puts you directly at ease.