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Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH

Ernst + Christian + Oli Bühler

6000 Lucerne

Mobile Phone:0795402694
Prices for Car: 90.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Motorcycle: 95.-, ...

Lessons prices
CHF 90 - 135

Car automatic:90.-
Car trailer:135.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 160 - 195

Traffic theory:180.-
Motorcycle basic course:160.-
Driving safety:195.-
3 GRATIS Fahrstunden
Further Information: FREE insurance and adm...
Languages: German
Car type:Ford Fiesta / + Peugeot 208 Automatik (eigener Automat)
Driving instructor since:1997

FREE insurance and administrative fees, we have no hidden costs! Lessons last real 50 minutes. Those who choose Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH are encouraged and challenged.

The last 3 of total 82 reviews of Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH:

Date 19.07.2019

Reviews from Viola Quenzer

Absolutely recommendable! My way to the motorcycle test began with another driving instructor from Lucerne. I chose that driving instructor because he was centrally located and quickly appeared in the Google search. That's when I took the courses. Only already after both courses I noticed that I did not want to take any driving lessons. The whole elaboration was very negative and the mistakes were often made is ridiculous. I didn't improve and driving became very exhausting. On this website (fahrlehrervergleich.ch) I became aware of the Bühler driving instructors. My journey with Ernst Bühler began. Short story long: Since this week I finally drive without L and love my new hobby! The Buhler driving school is absolutely recommendable because: - the learned really makes sense (I understand that I do it for my own safety) - Driving is an absolute pleasure with them - the contact is very constructive and supportive - the support is ingenious - the individual need is very firmly addressed So: Top driving instructor!

Date 09.07.2019

Reviews from 

Buhler driving school is recommended from A to Z! I was allowed to attend the motorcycle courses with Ernst Bühler, which were always also connected with a fun or private -> Very personal! They take care of you from the start to the end and even accompany you to the practical exam which is not self-evident. One notices that the experts also appreciate this very much. Buhler Driving School is not a mass dispatch like you see it elsewhere, but is very individually related to the person. The general knowledge of motorcycles is explained, e.g. maintenance and care up to the correct adjustment of the foot brake etc.. I warmly recommend Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH and wish the company all the best and much success in the future.

Date 06.07.2019

Reviews from Roger Heiniger

I am very satisfied, was very well prepared for the exam and learned a lot. Great, nice team! Thank you very much and I will gladly recommend you to others.

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