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Bahnhof Weinfelden
8570 Weinfelden
Telephone:079 930 12 96
Prices for Car: im Abo 85.-, Car automatic: 85.-, Taxi: 95.-,...

Lessons prices
CHF 85 - 110

Car:im Abo 85.-
Car automatic:85.-
Disabled self-steering:im Abo ab 85.-
Driving counseling:85.-
Car trailer:110.-

Courses CHF 99 - 190

Traffic theory:190.-
First aid course:99.-
Theory:nach Absprache
Further Information: Reach your destination...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Golf 7 R Line / Mercedes A 250
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

Reach your destination quickly and safely / lessons also possible on weekends. Offers for driving lessons and VKU can be found on the homepage. Initial contact also possible via WhatsApp

The last 3 of total 8 reviews of Mehrwerth-Drive:

Date 17.01.2018

Reviews from 

René Werth is a great driving instructor. He explains well, has a lot of patience and we always had a lot to laugh about. I've always looked forward to the driving lessons. It is also reliable and fair. I passed the exam the first time. Thank you René

Date 30.05.2017

Reviews from 

One of the best driving instructors fulfills every wish is always in a good mood uncomplicated with the appointments. Teached me everything I need to do in a short time.

Date 15.04.2017

Reviews from Marion Von Burg Messmer

Renè, conveys his specialist knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and always remains relaxed and humorous. The driving lessons are instructive and take you step by step to your destination. The transport lessons at Mehrwerth-Drive are interesting and appealing. I can highly recommend René as a driving instructor. Thank you René and good luck!

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