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Eichgutstrasse 14
8400 Winterthur

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Prices for Car: 88.-, Car automatic: 88.-, Car trailer: 130.-...

Lessons prices
CHF 88 - 130

Car automatic:88.-
Car trailer:130.-

Courses from CHF 220

Traffic theory:220.-
Further Information: I am Roger, a driving ...
Car type:Vw Golf

I am Roger, a driving instructor who has not only found his vocation, but also carries it out with absolute passion. If you are looking for a driving instructor in the region of Winterthur who can teach you in a dynamic and goal-oriented way the car or A

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Date 19.08.2019

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Dynamic, flexible, individual - that's what Roger promises on his website - and that's definitely him. He impresses with his outstanding specialist knowledge and the ability to convey it naturally, clearly, patiently and with a lot of humour. In addition, he knows how to design the lessons individually for you, and you notice that he always wants the best for you. Since he knows every street in his considerable catchment area and knows how to deal with all weather conditions, you learn a maximum of a lot in every lesson, without it ever becoming monotonous.

Date 14.02.2019

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The driving lessons with Roger were always very instructive. Roger works with a learning book, which helped me a lot personally because I learn best through visualization. If he comes too late to a driving lesson, which happened only 1 time during my time as a student driver, he informs you early. I can really recommend Roger.

Date 02.11.2018

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In my opinion, Roger Hofmann is a first-class driving instructor with outstanding professional and social skills. He knows in every respect how to optimally adapt to the learning rhythm/level of his students and how to put theory into practice in an understandable and profitable way. Thanks to his instruction, I passed the BPT advanced leader examination flawlessly and within a very short time. I am happy to recommend Roger to others without hesitation and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the very pleasant lessons. Super driving instructor, super type 1A++!

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