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Die Fahrschule mit den zwei Streifen

Direkt beim Bahnhof
Untere Vogelsangstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur

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Mobile Phone:079 616 29 81
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 80.-, Car automatic: ab 80.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices
CHF 80 - 130

Car:ab 80.-
Car automatic:ab 80.-
Car trailer:130.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 90 - 400

Traffic theory:250.-
First aid course:100.-
Motorcycle basic course:175.-
Theory:Einzelunt. 90.-
WAB 1:300.-
Further Information: *The driving school wi...
Languages: German
Car type:1er BMW
Insurance:CHF 130.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2007

*The driving school with its own app* Reach your destination quickly and safely with a young and patient driving instructor. Convenient online booking... FB: Driving school schaltchnü Insta: driving school_schaltchnueppel

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Date 14.09.2019

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Ralf is super friendly, professional, 100% focused on his students, and gives very helpful feedback. He was already my second driving instructor and worlds better than the other. With Ralf, I was able to get through the test in a few hours. Also the additional materials (e.g. videos he made, his app and pictures concerning theory in general as well as special danger spots in Winterthur) were very helpful. I would recommend Ralf unreservedly! Thank you very much.

Date 08.09.2019

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I can recommend Ralf in all matters! I passed the exam the first time without any problems. In the beginning I started the training with the manual car, a few hours before the exam I switched over to the automatic machine. What I particularly liked about the driving lessons was Ralf's app, with the help of which you could practice everything at home and also prepare well, that saved hours :-) We drove exactly the track which came at the stage, so I knew the peculiarities and tricky places, that helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend you, Ralf. Liebs Grüessli Franzi

Response from schaltchnü
Oh danke vielmal Franzi :) Das freut mich sehr, wenn dir die App so ghulfe het, so sölls si :D Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt mit dim Auto. LG Ralf

Date 08.08.2019

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Super driving instructors! Rolf was very individual about my abilities and accompanied me very sovereign on my way to my driving licence. Really recommendable!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für dini guet Bewertig Flavian! Du hesch das allerdings au sehr souverän gmacht und fliessig dihei glernt, so gahts halt vorwärts :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

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