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fahrschule winti-west

beim Spar
Wülflingerstrasse 59
8400 Winterthur

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Mobile Phone:0798662547
Prices for Car: ab 81.50.-, Car automatic: ab 81.50.-, Taxi: ...

Lessons prices
from CHF 89

Car:ab 81.50.-
Car automatic:ab 81.50.-
Taxi:ab 89.-
Driving counseling:ab 89.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten

Courses CHF 140 - 502

Traffic theory:220.- inkl.
First aid course:140.- inkl.
Theory:50.- (2 Std.)
Further Information: New attractive package...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Renault Megane / Mini Cooper / Golf VI / Ford Focus
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

New attractive package prices!!! Driving instructor team with a lot of experience. We are: Albert Free 079 320 21 87 Alfons Hollenstein 079 692 18 82 Jürg Zellweger 076 420 47 47 Thomas Krüsi 079 890 66 60

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Date 18.10.2018

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I took my driving lessons with Jürg Zellweger. I was always very satisfied with Jürg as a driving instructor. He always responds to your questions and explains everything very clearly and comprehensibly. You can see that Jürg is a very experienced driving instructor who teaches you all the necessary manoeuvres. I can only recommend Jürg!

Date 17.07.2018

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I learned practical driving with Albert Frei more than 30 lessons and had a really negative experience. I had never driven before and the lessons started out well because Albert was always very meticulous. This over-precise teaching method continued on throughout all the lessons. Albert constantly criticized me over mistakes, often in an agitated tone, which made a beginner like me even more nervous and associate driving with negative experience. At some point I was driving quite comfortably with friends and family but whenever I got in Albert's car, it was always a traumatizing experience because of his constant criticism, especially not always in a nice tone. I eventually had enough and quit and it was the best decision I wish I had done earlier. When I told other driving teachers about the mistakes that I was yelled at, they were quite surprised because some of them are not mistakes at all, and moreover because no driving teacher should be that impatient with the students.

Date 13.03.2016

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jürg is a great driving instructor he can explain very well and also takes time for your questions and tries to explain them in different ways. I was very happy that I took driving lessons with him.

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