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m&m Fahrschule

Treffpunkt individuell abmachbar
8406 Winterthur

Prices for Car: ab 90.-, Traffic theory: 240.-, Theory: siehe...

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Car:ab 90.-

Courses from CHF 240

Traffic theory:240.-
Theory:siehe Website
Further Information: Driving lessons from W...
Languages: German, English, Turkish
Car type:Audi S3 (geschaltet), MINI Cooper S (Automat)
Insurance:CHF 120.- one time (pauschal)

Driving lessons from Winterthur, Brüttisellen, Dübendorf, Oerlikon to Bülach/

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Date 12.10.2019

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Very good, patient and friendly driving instructor. Murat helped me a lot on my way to the practical driving test. He was able to explain everything to me in detail and also showed me that it is important to him that his students pass the practical driving test successfully.

Date 19.08.2019

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Super driving school! Thanks to Murat I was able to pass my practical driving test successfully. A very friendly, patient and experienced driving instructor. I can only recommend him.

Date 16.08.2019

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I can recommend Murat Aladag anyday as a teacher for learning to drive. He is very calm, extremely capable in his profession, supportive, and with a great sense of humor. As a teacher, he will take care that you don't get demotivated and is always pushing you to do your best. He will also tell you straightforward if you are ready for the practical test or not. I would like to thank Murat for making driving fun and easy for me and helping me greatly to pass my driving test.

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